Welcome To Evergreen Counseling Network

Evergreen Counseling Network is a group of professional counselors who offer a wide range of counseling services that help people transform problems into healthier living.

         As our name reflects, we want to work with you to establish growth in your life. What does your Evergreen life look like? Life can be painfully overwhelming. We want to help you construct the tools that will equip you to handle the struggles that come your way so that you can live a fulfilled and satisfied life.

         Most likely you have experienced one or more of these issues in your life: stress, depression, grief and loss, trauma, relational issues, life transitions, or a job situation. Sometimes, we have no idea why we behave in the ways that we do. Our emotions, thought processes and behaviors get all mixed up and in the fog sometimes we make unwise decisions.

At Evergreen Counseling Network, we offer you:

  • Counseling that helps you heal from past traumas and losses
  • Training in interpersonal communication skills for better relationships
  • Hope in developing a balanced-life with healthy boundaries
  • Mindfulness techniques that will help reduce the stress in your life
  • Support and encouragement in helping you to achieve your counseling goals

Help is on the way. Our Evergreen network of professionals is prepared to offer you the assistance and support you need.

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